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Business Meeting

ME Time System

The Meaningful Engagement Time system cards were developed by Dr. Destry Dokes as a tool to enhance relationship sustainability by using prompts to encourage communication that is meaningful and engaging. The ME Time system can be used by individuals, groups, couples, etc. to inspire meaningful conversations that lead to deep discussions. The system was designed for use by youth and adults.

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To You

I know sometimes life may seem a little difficult but know that you are strong, and you've got this.  I wrote 'Can You Believe I Am A Leader' book because I wanted to provide you a tool for developing your reading and social-emotional leadership skills. I believe in you, and I know there are so many people like your mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, superintendents, principals, teachers, coaches, and others who also believe in you.

Now, have fun as you read and lead.

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