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DokesPartners, LLC

Enhancing Performance & Sustainability via Meaningful Engagement

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Meaningful Engagement 101

People first, then everything else will work for good!

Meaningful Engagement

eliminates Disengagement

and enhances an individual's desire to perform in Sustainable work

We believe identifying ways to engage in meaningful conversations and actions that result in a positive impact for all. Our heart is serving others through acts of service driven by care and kindness. Serving others is the fuel of our personal and professional passion to encourage and facilitate leadership coaching and professional development experiences around the power of meaningful engagement. When people feel valued they express it through continuous favorable engagement, which often results in individual satisfaction and organizational success and sustainability.

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DokesPartners, LLC

Enhancing Performance & Sustainability via Meaningful Engagement

Discovery Conversation

We are prepared and ready to partner with you to discover your individual and collective needs and how we may be able to apply our services to help you meet those needs.


Individuals - we will work with you through leadership coaching and development as a tool to help you identify blind spots and how to use positive energy to overcome negative mindsets as you move towards your life goals and objectives.


Organizations - our hope is to offer you leadership coaching and professional development services that help stimulate and enhance employee participation towards the organization’s stated mission, vision, goals and bottom-line objectives.


We feel confident that we can inspire positive energy through meaningful engagement discussions that will result in developing individual performance excellence practitioners. The meaningful engagement benefits rest in the individual's commitment towards purposefully developing their character and skills as required to actively pursue the organization's strategic sustainability goals.

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Meaningful Engagement Services In Action

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I can do this!

We can do this!

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